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Talking Growth Mindset and Community Building

By Roger Durling, Santa Barbara Independent:

“If everyone dared to fully express their natural gifts, we could all create more impact from a joyful place,” states Seth Streeter boldly, and I listen.  This very tall man has a striking presence, but it primarily comes from his confident and inspirational ways of speaking. During our early morning breakfast, he’s full of ideas and energy. I’m impressed.  

Seth is the CEO of Mission Wealth, a Social Venture Partner, and the founding leader of the successful Fast Pitch SB venture-pitch program. But more recently, and perhaps most importantly, he’s the founder of the Sustainable Future Organization, which aims to unify and empower communities to improve the health of our planet. With a dynamic technology platform, meaningful content, and a passionate team, their mission is to motivate leaders and citizens to take simple actions that collectively strengthen the community and create a sustainable future for all.  



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