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2021: A Fresh Start

By Elena Zevallos

We hope the holiday season was a time of relaxation, reevaluation, and renewal for everyone. While we may be wishing for a quieter and less chaotic year, 2021 can still be an ambitious one. It can be a time to help us unveil our deepest values and how we can live by them, emphasize individual and community resilience, and motivate us to take action towards a sustainable world.

Here at Sustainable Future, we currently have two campaigns you can participate in: Responsible Consumption: Support the Small and Local, and Top 10 Tips for Preparedness, Relief, and Recovery. You can join both or either one here.

Collectively, it feels like we’re currently in the “Reconstruction Phase”. Ever heard of the 7 Cs of resilience? Competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control. This is actually a method used to help kids and adolescents achieve positive growth. But from what we’ve been seeing for the past ten months, this might be something we can all reintegrate into our lives for 2021. We need to regain these seven attributes and take action from a state of reclamation, empowerment, and wholeness.

It can be difficult to take action when the world seems to be continuously steeping in doom and gloom. But let’s remember there are positives! Last year took a massive hit on the oil & gas industry, making it one of their worst years to date. Experts say that if the goal of net zero emissions are reached by 2050 globally, the planet’s heating will likely neutralize. There’s a surge of innovative sustainable technologies that could soon shift our world towards renewable energy and alternative production. People are waking up to incivility and injustice. Things are finally getting redefined. So what part can you play in this great change?

For the coming year, let’s feel the urge - not out of fear or anxiety - but out of inspiration and will to make an effective impact. A long-lasting, energetically-charged, human and planet-focused, impact. And, let’s do this together!



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