• Mobile-friendly and easy to use

  • Custom campaigns tailored specifically for your team to bring core values to life

  • Based in behavior science, using social sharing and gamification to motivate and maintain engagement

  • Powered by employee engagement software company WeSpire, based in Boston, MA and global community impact organization Ecochallenge.org, based in Portland, OR.

  • Campaigns designed to build lasting positive behaviors that lead to personal and professional fulfillment, while helping the community and planet

  • Robust reporting tools to show how the platform is meeting your program goals

  • Dashboard to visualize how your organization is contributing toward the collective global effort for a healthier planet 

  • Makes environmental action easy and rewarding while achieving read-world change

Example campaigns include:

Conserve Water

Ditch Plastic


Food Waste




Improving our environmental legacy is a challenge we all face. Together, we can create a truly sustainable future.  


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To learn more about easy environmental wins, feel free to download these checklists: 

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