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By Deirdre Brannigan:

It’s often in January that we, as a collective, reevaluate where we are personally, professionally, and in community – whether that be with our friendships, our goals, the goodness we’d like to invite into our lives for this next trip around the sun, or how we walk thru our lives. Right? Do you do this too?

As a long-time yoga maven, I often hear the word ‘balance’. Balance can be a mantra for many things though, like: Are we eating too much? Working too much? Being grumpy too much? Sitting too much? Being passively entertained too much?

Some of the things I’d like to welcome into my life for 2020 are taking more active steps to ensure I’m doing my best for myself, my loves, and our blue planet. Things like: more impromptu dance parties, more time in the sea, more giggles, more beach cleanups, more reusability, more dirt under my fingernails, more balance, more delights, more experience, and more alignment.

Have you taken stock of where you are and where you’re going this year? What about Sustainability? Are you in alignment with being mindful of the garbage you create? Can you bring a reusable mug into your favorite coffee shop instead of contributing a gazillion more coffee cups into our finite landfills? What about making a goal of ‘no more than six disposable coffee cups this year’? Can you welcome more sustainability into your life? Less Stuff. Less plastic. Less single-use anything.

If you haven’t’ visited our action platform in a while, feel free to do so. There are *lots* of ideas there for living a more sustainable life in 2020.

Wishing you much balance and alignment for your next trip around the sun…



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