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Become A Part of “30 Days To Earth Day”

By Elena Zevallos

From now until April 22nd, you can participate in our online “30 Days To Earth Day” campaign. This year marks the 50th anniversary since this special day had first been established as a national holiday. How did it start?

Right here in Santa Barbara following the oil spill crisis of 1969. After spewing almost 3 million gallons onto the beautiful waters and beaches, it had been considered the worst oil spill in history at the time. A year later, Earth Day was founded as an official national holiday, thanks to a collection of grassroots organizations and passionate citizens. Since then, the nation has embraced the month of April as one of spreading further awareness on the planet’s health, as well as a month of celebrating our collective gratitude for it.

Now, half a century has passed, which makes this year’s Earth Day an especially significant one. But upon current unfortunate events, the Santa Barbara Earth Day festival has been postponed until July. Although this shouldn’t deter locals from still celebrating our planet in whatever form that may be! With that being said, we at Sustainable Future encourage you to join our campaign of making micro or macro adjustments in your lifestyle that accommodates our environment.

While we focus on taking active measures to maintain our health, we can also be doing the same for the planet! So let’s do this, one step at a time, and the first step can be by joining our campaign through our website and completing easy, actionable and fun tasks.

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