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Become a Part of the Santa Barbara Sustainability Symposium 30-Day Challenge

By Elena Zevallos

Join us in our newest campaign, the Santa Barbara Sustainability Symposium 30-Day Challenge, where you can make big daily impacts to support an environmentally-focused life. Efforts such as calculating your carbon footprint, using the SHOP GREEN app that helps you support sustainable businesses, growing your food and sharing your success with others, are just a few ways you can shift your lifestyle towards improving the health of both our planet and society.

What’s the story behind this campaign? The Santa Barbara Sustainability Symposium discussion held on September 25th that involved eight influential sustainability experts deepened our understanding of leading with a sustainable mindset, finding environmental solutions for both businesses and consumers, and how to prioritize change as a community, along with other eye-opening subjects. All eight panelists shared their ideas and suggestions of how we can live an intentional, sustainably-driven lifestyle that may reshape the way our society functions. By making daily conscious decisions to live in alignment with the planet’s health, we inevitably influence others to become aware of how they can make individual improvements too. (Watch the full recording here.)

This enlightening two-hour talk incentivized and empowered many listeners, including us at Sustainable Future. So we started this new campaign, which incorporates the panelists' ideas and suggestions into the challenge, translating them into daily actions. This challenge also aims to help reinforce what you already know is healthy for us and the planet - but on a competitive scale! A healthy dose of competition can be fun and invigorating, and help push our limits to the test. Make it to first place, and you win a prize from us! Sign up today.



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