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Plastic- Free July!

By Deirdre Brannigan:

Sustainable Future is so very excited to be kicking off Plastic-Free July on our online platform. As you may have heard, Plastic Free July is a world-wide movement that inspires millions to reduce their plastic usage. This is so important for all of us, as we need cleaner streets, litter-free communities, and healthy oceans. Wouldn’t you agree?

There is much happening in Santa Barbara to support this effort. Here at Sustainable Future we are unveiling a public campaign that gives people about twenty easy action-steps for ways to tackle this issue. These days it seems like nearly everything is wrapped in some sort of plastic---jheesh! Rather than having people feel overwhelmed by this effort to reduce (or better yet, eliminate) plastic, this to-do list makes the process feel manageable. Which after doing it for thirty days, will hopefully bring enough awareness and ease that it becomes a habit. Sometimes behavior-change can feel tricky, but don’t despair - just keep moving forward. You’ll see that by following these action steps, reducing your plastic usage will seem more do-able. Feel free to tag Sustainable Future on Instagram so we can see what you are up to. Thank you so much to everyone who is taking the pledge to have a Plastic-Free July! We, and the planet, appreciate it…



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