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Introducing Affinity Teams

By Siena Hooper

One of our member organizations recently launched Affinity Teams which incorporate employees’ interests into their daily work life with their colleagues through the creation of different clubs. Affinity Teams foster employee engagement and connectivity by encouraging employees to join clubs that match their interests. By engaging with coworkers through fitness, reading, cooking, or even mixology, employees gain a greater sense of community in the virtual workplace.

Affinity Teams provide a more fun, lighthearted way to stay connected and socialize with coworkers while working remotely during this time. Like-minded employees can come together to enjoy cooking, reading, hiking, mixology, painting, films, and more! This is especially important now as many employees are wanting to stay connected to their colleagues while working from home.

If you are interested in hearing more about Affinity Teams and how to incorporate them into your business, contact me at



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